Letters to My Little One | 9 Month Old

Thursday, March 12, 2018

To my little peanut,

You have officially been outside of my womb the same time you were in it. I love every minute I get to be at home with you. You learn new things everyday. Like just the other day you learned how to pick up a ball and throw it. Then you wouldn’t stop throwing it. You would throw it to me, and I would roll it back, and you would throw it right back to me! It’s so cute. Although, after learning how to throw the ball, you now throw everything just to see if it bounces. It’s still cute, though.

You love to read books. By yourself, that is. You’ll sit on the floor, with books all around you, and you’ll flip the pages and look at the pictures. You are really good at turning the pages when I read to you, it’s probably your favorite part about reading the book. I hope that you’ll continue to love books. I hope you become my little bookworm!

You are getting really good at standing by yourself. You’ve even tried to take a few steps towards your aunt. We were so excited and proud of you! You love to crawl up to something, pull yourself up, and then let go and just stand there. It’s so cute! You also love to stand up and bang your hand on hard surfaces to see if you can make noises.

Speaking of noises … you love any and every type of noise. It makes you giggle and smile so big! This morning you started to scrunch your face up just a little bit more when you smiled. And when you smile big, your eyes start to squint and disappear – just like your daddy! Oh, yeah. That’s another thing you absolutely love. In fact, as I type this right now, you are casually sitting on daddy’s lap, just spending time with him. When daddy comes home from work for his lunch break, you run to him. You won’t leave him alone the whole time he is home for lunch. Then when he heads back to work, you cry. You cry and crawl for the door. I have to distract you with songs and toys so that you’ll be happy. But I love how much you love your daddy. And your daddy loves you so much. It breaks his heart when he has to leave you for work. It’s too cute.

You really are such a joy in our lives. We love you so much. I can’t imagine my life without you or daddy.

I am blessed to be your mommy.

I love you so much!

Love, mommy



























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