Meet Aly


Here’s my story.

I am married to the most amazing man ever. He is my number one fan in everything I do and I couldn’t have asked for a better support man. We have been married for 6+ years and we have two kiddos. I love being a momma. My favorite color is blue. I love Instagram and would LOVE to connect with you on there! When it comes to my work I am an organizer. I love making lists and crossing things off. But outside of work, I’m a complete mess, barely making it by! I am a family girl, one of my favorite activities is to just hang out with my family. I adore capturing sweet, little, family moments. I also really enjoy cooking – I love to make soup! Fall is my favorite season and soup is my favorite food. I love sweaters and leggings and sipping hot cider. It’s such a fun time of year!

Why the name.

When I originally started my photography page, it was under my maiden name. While that was a part of me, I really didn’t connect with the name. The page was Alyssa Usher Photography. It just sound plain to me. I’ve heard my name so often it just sounds strange. Having a business named after me, I just didn’t love it. It didn’t resonate with me. Then I got married. So I changed my photography’s business name to that, Alyssa Ahern Photography. Again, it didn’t resonate with me. I didn’t love it. I wanted something that spoke to me. One day when I was trying to figure out my watermark, my husband threw out the name Aly Dawn and it stuck. My whole life everyone has always called me Alyssa. Now all of my photographer friends call me Aly and I love it. Aly Dawn just feels right. My middle name is Dawn, I am named after my mother. She has gone through a lot in the few past years or so, and to me having my business named after her just feels right. Like it’s a tribute to her, in a way.


Why I love photography.

Photography has helped me capture a lot of memories. I love looking back at photos, whether they are photos I’ve taken on my camera or my phone. I love looking at the memories I’ve captured. Photos make me feel things. They give me all the feels. I love how much there is to learn in photography. From posing to macro to light, I’m hooked. I still have so much to learn, even after all I’ve learned in the past couple of years. I love looking back at my old photos and comparing them to my new ones. They make me happy. They make me realize that I am growing. I am learning. I am progressing. That means everything to me. I love seeing my progress. It inspires me to learn more!

I also love helping other fellow photographers learn more. Teaching other photographers helps me learn new things, so in my mind, it’s a win-win! Photography also helps me connect with other photographers, and meeting new people makes me extremely happy. If you have any type of camera, a phone camera, a DSLR, whatever, I encourage you to learn more. Expand your knowledge. You’ll thank me for your new gift of capturing the memories.

 My favorite types of photography.

I love love love macro photography. Before I got pregnant with my son, I had limited subjects. It was me, my husband, my pets, or random non-living things. I turned to macro to help soothe my craving for photography. I love landscape photography as well. I love capturing emotion. I love family photography. I love newborn photography. Oh do I love newborn photography! It is so special and sweet, and those newborns give me all the feels. My photography style, I would say, leans towards documentary or ‘lifestyle’. I very rarely like the posed pictures. I love getting genuine connection. I love showing what life really looks like.

If this sounds like something you want in your family pictures, let’s chat. I’d love to get to know you more and I’d love to take your family’s pictures!