For Photographers

How to Capture Your Everyday Life and Create Art. In this course you will learn:

-Simple compositions to use everyday
-How to use and see the light
-6 Creative Exercises to help you capture your everyday
-5+ Editing videos
-Tips on taking Self Portraits featuring your everyday
-And MORE!


mentor session

Are you looking for a portfolio review/mentoring session? I’ve got you covered. Provide me with your portfolio and I will walk through your portfolio and give you a full PDF custom made guide to how to improve your photography. I will also give you (gentle, loving) critiques. With this mentoring session, I promise you will walk away in a new knowledge of how to improve your photography.


Alyssa was very specific in what I personally needed to work on. I really loved the beautiful PDF she made just for me. It felt like she knew exactly what I needed to hear to improve my photography. Since getting a mentor session, I have really felt like my photography improved leaps and bounds! Thanks Alyssa!


I really needed some guidance on my photography. Alyssa, you gave that to me! Thank you so much! I can’t even begin to describe how much this has helped me in my work!


want a custom mentoring session?

Please, fill out the form below and include what type of mentoring session you’d like. I will then give you a quote and we’ll go from there! Different types of mentoring sessions include portfolio review, skype session, watch me edit your images, my workflow walk-through, website review, etc. Let me know what you want and I will make a custom mentoring session just for you.