Letters to My Little One | 7 Month Old


Monday, February 12, 2018

To my little peanut,


You are getting so tough, being 7 months old! Sturdy, that’s a good word for it. You are thickening out and it’s adorable. I absolutely love your chunk! And by the way – so does everyone else. You are a cutie, that’s for sure. You’ve got some personality shining through. You are, for the most part, very laid back and calm. You love to bounce. I’d say it’s your favorite thing ever, besides mommy.

Speaking of mommy, you are a total momma’s boy! You reach for me all the time. That being said, you love your daddy, too! There was one night where you woke up, really distraught, and I tried to nurse you back to sleep. You weren’t having it. You rolled all over our bed until you found daddy. Who then woke up (since you rolled on top of him!) and picked you up and put you right back to sleep. Other times you crawl to daddy and like to watch him play games on his iPad. Daddy is your pal, and I can’t help but think about the future when you are jumping up and down for daddy to come home.

Right now, you only have two teeth, right in front, on the bottom. They are so cute. You can especially see them when you are crying or laughing. You are so intent on learning new things. So far I have taught you how to sign ‘milk’ and you definitely know how to do it! I was so amazed the first time you did it. The most adorable part of the whole signing is that you use both hands at the same time. I mean, can you get any cuter? You’re forever curious about new toys, new things. Learning. It’s so amazing how much you learn and how quickly you learn. You learned to sign milk in under a week. You’re starting to work your leg muscles, I fear it’ll be any day that you realize you can stand without support. You’re growing and developing way too fast, and I wish I could slow down time. I can a little, with my photography. But it’s not enough. I wish you’d stay my little baby forever. But we’re already to 7 months out of the womb. It’s crazy to think of all the learning you will do in the near future. From walking to talking to eating solid foods, you’ve got lots to learn. But in time, you’ll learn everything. And I will look at you with amazement and think how blessed I truly am to be your mommy. You will be such an amazing person, I can already tell. You have such wonder in your eyes. You’re soaking it all up. And I’m soaking you up as much as possible.

Being a mommy is such an amazing thing. I love it. I wouldn’t change it for anything. It’s so rewarding and it’s so inspiring. It inspires me to be a better me for you to see as an example. You are so loved, my little one, and I hope you will always feel loved.

I am blessed to be your mommy.

I love you so much!

Love, mommy


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