Letters to My Little One | 5 Month Old


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

To my little peanut,

You are adorable. You amaze me almost everyday. You’re starting to want to crawl. You can get on all fours, but you’re not sure what to do after that. It’s adorable. I love how happy you are all the time. You are such an amazing little baby – you really make me proud.

Two little teeth are starting to come in – it’s adorable. I love seeing them. I went from call you ‘toothless’ to calling you ‘toothy’ – you’re too cute! Although, now it hurts for you to chew on my finger. OUCH!

We’re so excited to celebrate your first Christmas this month/year. I know you won’t remember it, but I will. I will forever cherish each Christmas with you! It’s not about the presents, it’s about spending time with those you love. I hope I can teach you that. I hope that one day you will love spending time with your family. I hope one day you will cherish the time you have with us. That’s my wish this Christmas.

You are getting so handsome. I still can’t believe it’s Christmas time and that you’ve almost been with us for half a year. It’s surreal. This time last year, I was announcing that I get to be a mommy. This time last year I was wondering if you were a boy or a girl. This time last year I was excited, yet very nervous about what was going to happen next year. This time last year I was exhausted. But, I won’t hold it against you! My body created such a beautiful baby boy, of course it was tired! It’s crazy to think that this time next year you’ll be about 18 months. You’ll be walking, hopefully talking, and I will be so proud.

You keep growing and developing, little one. I’m watching you with amazement, I can’t believe how far you’ve come, and I’m so excited to see how far you’ll go.

I am blessed to be your mommy.

I love you so much!

Love, mommy


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