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I’m really excited to be blogging here again. I have so many fun new blog posts coming your way! But first, I really wanted to talk about what a session is like with me. What can you expect? What to not expect? And if you have any questions, please comment below so that I can address it all here in this little space!

So, hi! If you’re new here, I want to say that I am located in Louisvile, KY or Southern Indiana area. I do love to travel, though, so if you just LOVE my style and my work, then please go ahead and contact me about travel rates.

I truly love to capture the little moments and memories. These are the things you’ll want to remember. When working with me, we’ll go over what to wear, best location for what you want, and so much more! This process doesn’t have to be frustrating or tiring. It can be fun and easy! It can be a happy experience.

My Style and Genres

Let’s get right to it, shall we?! The process of picking a photographer shouldn’t be taken lightly. You should LOVE everything that photographer does. But most importantly, you should LOVE their style! The first thing you need to establish is if you love my style or not. Another thing you need to look for is if I have the right genre for you. If you’re looking for someone to photograph your wedding…keep looking haha! I am not your girl.

But I AM a newborn photographer! I love to capture the sweet little moments that happen when you become a new family or when you add someone to the crew. I adore photographing you how you are – beautiful. Newborn photography is one of my best genres to work with! I love to capture newborns in their homes – I do NOT have any props. I use what you have! Lifestyle Newborn Photography is so simple. You can be totally you. In this session I pose you by giving you prompts, like ‘Snuggle your newborn baby’. I even capture the not so great scenes – like changing a diaper or cleaning up spit up. So, if you are pregnant and want to capture these memories, I am you girl!

I am also a family photographer! I love to capture any and all types of families! From couples to extended family sessions! Photographing families makes me happy. I love to see how you grow each year and I love the challenge of making teenagers laugh at me. I love natural interaction and I LOVE tickle fights! So, if you need some updated family photos for those Christmas cards – I am your girl! I love to capture families in any outdoor location that Southern Indiana/Louisville, KY has to offer. But I also am up for a photoshoot in your own home!

I am a maternity photographer! I love to capture your growing belly right before you welcome your sweet bundle of joy into this world! This is such a fleeting time in motherhood – pregnancy. And no matter how swollen you think you are – you are GORGEOUS. And I want to show you that. Maternity shoots can happen outdoors at any of the wonderful locations that Southern Indiana/Louisville, KY has to offer OR it can be in the comfort of your own home. Yes, that’s right, I will come to you. So you don’t even have to get all hot and sweaty wandering around a new location.

These three genres I am VERY passionate about. I love all of these and I am GOOD at these. And that is something I want to offer. I want to offer sessions that I am passionate about.

My style is ever evolving, but I would say that it is honest, real, and simple. I like to make my images look like how I see the world. I have been told by quite a few people that I see the world beautifully. Sometimes they comment and say, ‘You made me look SO good’ and I simply say to that, ‘I’m just capturing what I see’. I see beauty everywhere! Although I do like a little bit of a darker tone to my images, I am always up for some light and airy tones! When we talk about your session, be sure to mention which style you like better and I will do my best to accommodate you!

How to Start the Hiring Process

Hiring me as your newborn, family, or maternity photographer is REALLY easy! All you have to do is contact me either by the web form on my website or via Facebook. You can tell me in the email what type of session you want (newborn, family, or maternity), inquire about openings in my schedule, tell me a bit about yourself like who will be in the images. We’ll pick out a price that works for you and for me, because, although I have packages, I am all for capturing the memories that you want and need and creating custom packages. I never want you to not pick me because the pricing doesn’t work for you. So, please, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

If you ever have difficulty with contacting me, the last resort would be to message me on my personal Instagram account. I do try to respond to everyone within 24 hours but sometimes life gets in the way!

What Happens at the Session

I have a few people always tell me, ‘I’m not good at posing, will you help?’ And the short answer is, YES! I will help you! I love to get you in a simple pose and then give out prompts for the type of reaction I want. I love genuine smiles. I love it when people are loose and relaxed. I love it when I can capture you as you, and not as someone in front of my camera. So, pretend I’m not even there!

At the beginning of the shoot I usually have everyone shake loose. I get you in what I like to call a ‘safe’ pose. I’ll have everyone smile at the camera. And then comes the fun! I like to start a tickle fight! I like to make everyone look at mom! I like everyone to look at who took the longest to get ready! And so forth. I also don’t even mind running around and if there are a few kiddos who just have a plain grumpy face. This is life. This is what happens! It doesn’t help me as your photographer if you are SO uptight about the session that the kids are so emotionless and expressionless. I want them to have fun. I want them to walk away and think, ‘that wasn’t too bad’. Sessions can be for the whole family (yes, I’m looking at you dads!) so, get all nice and dressed up and let me do the rest!

During the session we will be looking for the best spots of light. Sometimes I might set you up and then think, ‘hmm, no, this won’t work’ and then reposition EVERYONE. I am also notorious for saying, ‘can we try…’ I’m an artist. I love to create art at my sessions. The families that really let me create are the BEST ONES! Let loose and let go – your family session will not be perfect, but it will be perfect to me.

We’ll go over the types of poses you want, what these images are for, who will be in the images, etc. before the session date.

After the Session

I like to post a sneak peak of some sort on my Facebook Business Page the very next day! Then I like to give myself a 2 week time period to work on your session. Again, this is my art. I like to take the time to make them look just the way I want them. I am very particular about everything. After 2 weeks is up you can come knocking on my door and demand those pictures! 😉 I usually deliver a little earlier than my 2 weeks due date, but sometimes life happens! I will reach out and ask for your email address – I will also ask if you would like to be added to my client subscription email list. I don’t email a lot, but when I do, it’s some awesome coupons for future sessions!

After I receive your email address, I will email you a link to your pictures – where you can view them beautifully in a space on the internet. Here you can also download the full resolution images. You can even share the album directly to your social media sites without downloading and reuploading the images. The galleries look so lovely. If you need to order prints right from me, let me know and I can walk you through it all.

My Referral Program

I really truly hope you LOVED the whole process of getting your pictures taken with me. And if you did, I have the perfect program for you! My referral program is set up so that everyone you refer to me, YOU’LL get credits to use towards your next photography session with me. I really can’t think of a way for it to get better than that. So be sure to tell ALL of your friends about me. When they book and pay for their session, you will get a $50 credit towards your next session. And it doesn’t matter how many people you refer to me – you could get enough credits to FULLY pay for your next session. Isn’t that great?! So hop on over to my client referral program for the full deal and how to get in on this action!

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