A Boy and Morning

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I have to admit something … I’m not a morning person, and neither is my son. He sleeps in and so do I. Am I proud of this? Not really. BUT, if it means nice snuggle time with my son, then I’m totally ok with staying in bed a little longer. And he’s usually happier to stay in bed longer, too.

On this particular morning, I had gotten up, got dressed, and then saw the pretty light flowing in. And I decided I wanted to play with my camera some, while little man played on the bed. It was fun. I experimented with light, shutter speed, composition. It was a lot of fun. I should do this little exercise everyday. Especially the shutter speed, because I always play it safe and just use a high shutter speed for everything. But I love the way slow shutter speed images look. Hmm, maybe the next creativity exercise will have something to do with shutter speed …

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them!



















I love this little boy of mine and I love capturing the memories we make together. Thank you for swinging by.

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