Welcome to the World, Little Girl

My little girl just turned a month old and I’m still in shock about her wonderful birth experience and welcoming her into this world.

I thought her older brother’s birth was amazing…but this sweet baby girl topped it!

Before I go any further, I do want to warn that this is a birth post and so with this post there will be birth images. If that makes you uncomfortable, please carry on your way. All images were taken by my dear sister and I am so thankful for them.

So, let’s get on to the birth story!

Her story starts at about 7 pm October 7, 2019. I started having some very minor contractions. At this point, she was already a week overdue. So, I knew it was anytime now that we’d get to meet her and hold her in our arms. These minor contractions continued for the whole night. We went to bed, hopeful that she would arrive that night.

I was able to sleep some. The contractions were doable and not intense at all. I practiced breathing through them and imagining her birth. I was excited to meet her. I texted my mom who is a nurse and works nights at around midnight that I was having contractions, but they weren’t serious yet.

Around this time I was also in and out of sleep and trying to track the contractions. When morning finally came, the contractions were still only 10 mins apart. The day progressed like this, contractions coming pretty regularly at 10 mins apart and lasted around 30-40 seconds. I could still breathe through them and I could still talk during them.

My two younger sisters decided to come over and spend some time with me. My husband didn’t have to work that day, so we were all just patiently waiting for this little girl! Since my mom works nights, she tried to get as much sleep as she could. And once she woke up around 2 pm she texted and asked if I wanted her to come get my son and take him out for ice cream and the park. I decided I wanted to walk around some and get some ice cream.

At the ice cream place, my contractions were starting to get more intense, so I decided to call my midwife. She told me to come in when I felt ready. I was a little nervous about coming in at the right time because with my son, I had to be induced. So I didn’t have any experience with ‘the right time’. But seeing how my contractions were 8 mins apart, I didn’t think it was time yet.

I hardly ate any of my ice cream, my appetite was completely gone. After ice cream, we decided to go walk around a park to get the contractions going a little. And I honestly think it worked. After the walk, we all decided to go back to my mom’s house. On the way to my mom’s house, I had about 3 contractions in 12 minute time…and we thought…hmm, maybe we should go to the hospital. We were the first ones back to my mom’s house and so I called my mom and said, “never mind, change of plans, we’re going to the hospital!” and I also called my best friend to come get my son. She met us at the hospital and took him back to her place. SOOO thankful for her and her husband!

After my son was taken care of, we went to check in and I had another contraction. I was put in a triage room while I waited for a room with a tub to be cleaned. There were other rooms available, but I really wanted to try to labor in the tub. I thought it sounded nice and relaxing, so I waited.

Once in a triage room, the checked me and I was at 5 centimeters. This was the first time my whole pregnancy that I was checked (Side note that I want to mention right now, my nurse was the SAME nurse that I had for my son! And she recognized me and even remembered parts of my son’s birth! Her shift ended an hour before I birthed my son, so she missed the actual birth. She joked and said that her shift was over at 11pm and she’d love to be here for my daughters birth, if I could just speed things along! LOL!). And my nurse said, “this could go either way. Do you want to go home?” and I told her no, I didn’t want to go home, I was feeling like labor was progressing.

Well, it turned out that it was a really good thing I didn’t go home.

I was in the triage room for about an hour. And my contractions just kept getting more and more intense. I breathed through them, imagined my cervix opening up every contraction, and I did my best to relax through each contraction (which I truly 100% believe helps in labor and birth). My mom was good at telling me to relax and she used a relaxing voice which really helped me. As my contractions got more intense, my husband and mom said that I was acting the same way I did right before I gave birth to my son. Knowing this, my mom went and got the nurse and said I needed a room ASAP.

About 5 minutes later, my room was ready and it was time to move there. And they HAD ME WALK TO THE ROOM. Because no one except for my mom, husband, and me thought I was about to have a baby any second haha! Right after I got up from the bed I was on, I had a HUGE contraction and then another one, right after the other. I walked to the room which was a hallway away. Once in the room, I again had another contraction and held onto my husband. The nurses were trying to ask me if I wanted to take a bath and a few other questions, but I was in the zone and all my mind could think about was birthing my baby. Another contraction came right after that and I put my hands on the bed. Which turned out to be a terrible decision. It was so uncomfortable and I couldn’t move because I had two more contractions, one right after another, and it was at this time that I felt the urge to push.

The midwife was in my room by this point and she was also trying to ask me questions, like what position I wanted to be in, and I literally couldn’t answer anything because I was focused on birthing my baby. She was coming, and she was coming fast!

Luckily, my mom knew that I wanted to try to be on my side while I gave birth. After a contraction was over, they quickly helped me onto my side, where I felt MUCH better. The contractions no longer hurt because of being on my side. They were now just uncomfortable. My body was doing all the work by itself and I just let it. I trusted my body and baby to do the birthing process. I knew my body knew what to do. So I just let it. And I was so in the zone, I honestly didn’t know where my husband was, who was holding my legs up, or if the midwife was even in the room because nothing else mattered but birthing my baby!

After about 30 minutes of pushing, I could feel the release and I felt SO much better. Seconds later my baby was on my chest. And I felt incredible. I wasn’t hurting anymore. I wasn’t tired anymore. My baby was here and she was beautiful.

After the rush of birth and cleaning up, we looked at her, really looked, and right away everyone could tell she had the cutest dimples.

We also noticed she looked different from her brother. And she was small, really small! At least compared to her brother. Her birth details were 7 lbs 5.5 oz and she was 18 1/2 inches long and born at 8:40pm on October 8, 2019. And she was PERFECT.

I was really excited about her birth because I didn’t tear at all. With my sons birth, I tore really bad (almost the worst tear you can get) and the healing process took a lot longer than 6 weeks. With my daughter, I didn’t tear at all and I literally felt better a week after I had her. But I promised my family and my midwives that I would take it easy even though I felt amazing.

I honestly LOVED her birth. It feels so empowering to bring a child into this world WITHOUT any sort of medicine or pitocin to help out.

After having her here for a month now, I can honestly say I noticed right away that she had a different personality from her brother. But she is still so sweet. She smiles all the time and has since week two! Her dimples are adorable and everyone notices them right away. Her eyes are beautiful! She has an attitude and randomly cries for no reason. She doesn’t like to be alone, if she can see someone, she’s happy. She sleeps really well! Which I am grateful for. And her brother loves her to pieces! He helps out with her as often as he can and he’s adorable.

I love being a mother. And I love being a mother to two kids even more! It’s truly a miracle to have both of them in my life.

Thanks for reading!

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