My Top 17 Photos of 2017

I promise I’ll get to my tutorials soon. I am really excited for what I have in store for 2018. For now, I would like to share my top 17 photos of 2017. It was extremely hard to narrow it down. I also included a photo that was taken by my sister, I hope that counts! 2017 was a great year for my photography. I grew leaps and bounds and I hope the same will be true for 2018. Since the first half of 2017 was me anticipating my sons arrival and then the second half was enjoying my sons company, I feel as though 2017 went by so fast. I hope the same isn’t true for 2018, I really want to slow down and enjoy life with my son and husband!

my goals for 2018

Like many others, I have goals for 2018. Some photography related, others aren’t. I decided the best place to write down my goals was on my blog! Then people can keep me accountable!

  1. Project 52 weeks – I am late posting my images, but I am going to start posting one image every week.
  2. Monthly self portrait with my son – I started doing this since month one of my son being born. I have a goal of continuing this into 2018.
  3. Apply for and make ClickPro – This has been a goal of mine for a long time, and I think each year I get that much closer to it. I would really like to be known as a Pro by others. Wish me luck this year!
  4. Write 2-3 blog posts each week – I’ve been slacking!!
  5. Be present – I want to do all of these things, but I also want to be present in my sons life. I want him to remember his momma playing with him, not just always on the computer blogging!

Those are my goals for 2018, what are yours? Writing them down is the best thing to do! I’ll keep you accountable if you keep me accountable!!

my 17 of 2017







Aly Dawn my top 17 of 2017












2 thoughts on “My Top 17 Photos of 2017

  1. That click pro goal is coming!

    My goals are:
    – bring more money in via photography (I have several ways I’m brainstorming on making this happen lol)
    – more self-care (spiritually, financially, mentally, AND physically)
    – push myself more

    I have these broken down more specifically but these are my broad goals lol

  2. Alyssa, I like a lot your selection, off course your son is the winner, I love how he is the only looking at “the camera” in the one that you and your husband are looking at him, hahha he is getting used to the camera. The yellow flower has a poetry in itself it seems like the wind is moving the petals, love it, and the details…

    My goal is to make a list with “things” that I want to have in my life and “things” that I do not want anymore with an explanation how I will make it happen. For example, I will write, more exercise, and be realistic with 3 times a week, not everyday run, jump the rope for 20 minutes, get into a good yoga class, swim for 30 min.I want to keep my list for a few years and maybe after 3 years see how I’m doing. it won’t be a long list but it will work to make me focus and present with what ultimately I need. Yearly goals are not my forte…

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