Letters to My Children | September 2020

September 21, 2020

Dear Children,

It’s been a really long time since I’ve written a letter to you two. In fact, so much has happened! I won’t try to catch up; I know that is impossible. But I will highlight some amazing and sweet new things you both are learning. I hope you always remember how much I love both of you and how much you both mean to me.

To my oldest:
You are becoming quite the amazing older brother to your sweet little sister. She really looks up to you and I can tell she loves you. Her face lights up anytime you enter the room. You are caring towards everyone. You always have been! The other day I was helping you get your trucks outside to play in the dirt, and you said, “Thanks mom, that’s so sweet of you!” it literally made my heart burst in two. How did you get so polite?

You are now fully potty trained. It was quite amazing to watch! I didn’t really do much but encourage and support you. You did it yourself. And after you were wearing undies, you’ve only had about 3 accidents. Which I will call a complete win. You truly wait and observe, and then once you decide you’re ready, you do it perfectly. You amaze me every single time.

You’re very smart and observant. You remember the little details. Like that one time you noticed me getting my nails done. You also like to correct us if we say something even a little bit wrong. You’re speaking in full sentences and your speech is only getting better and better. You recently became interested in reading so that’s our next big project! I can’t wait to watch you read and learn all by yourself. You’re so good at everything you do, I would imagine you’ll be good at reading in no time at all.

You truly love people. You love to talk and make new friends. You love to lead. You love to boss people around (alright, that might not be the best trait, but it’s still funny). You are a people person. If you’re with people, you’re happy.

You love going to the park and going to the highest slide. You love swinging. You love running. You love playing with your trucks in the dirt. You love to jump on the trampoline. You are go go go go go and I am not sure I can keep up! Honestly, you are the sweetest, happiest little boy I have ever met. I don’t think I’m biased, but it’s possible. I hope you will always be like this. I hope you will always make the world a better, happier place.

To my youngest:
Honestly, you are the complete opposite of your brother. At this stage in your life, you are pretty clingy to your mama (that’s me!) but I don’t mind too much. I do occasionally need a break and I get one so that I can continue to be the best mama to you. You are walking like crazy. You are getting into EVERYTHING. You love to follow your big brother around and laugh and play with him. I can tell how much you love him!

You’re eating everything and anything in site. Which is completely opposite of big brother. Meal time with you is so easy.

You currently have 6 teeth! The front two teeth have a huge gap in it. I’m hoping that gap closes a little bit more. But for now, it’s super cute and I love your gorgeous, contagious smile. And you smile a lot! Your dimples are the cutest thing and truly make me so happy.

You have the biggest, most beautiful eyes ever. They soak everything in. But unlike your brother, you don’t observe, you just do.

I can’t believe you’ll be one in just a few short weeks. It feels like just yesterday that you were born. I’m trying to hold on to these last few weeks of you being a baby.

You are so beautiful. One of my favorite things you do right now is after I get you dressed, you’ll stand up and smirk and twirl. I can tell you think you look pretty. It’s the cutest thing. I also adore dressing you in dresses and tutus because you’re just too cute! Our family has been so blessed to have you with us.


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