June 28, 2019 : A Day in The Life

June 28, 2019 : A Day in The Life

I love doing Day in the Life photography projects! The last time I did this was on my son’s due date. I decided that I needed to do another one since it had been a good two years (almost to the day!).

The reason I love day in the life photography projects is because I really feel like they help you push through creativity ruts. I was so determined to photograph my day using creative light, compositions, and perspectives I had never used before in my photography…and you know what? I was very successful! And I love the images I got throughout the day.

Before I dive into my day in the life, I wanted to explain what exactly it is, in case you are new to the whole idea! But before we get to that, let me tell you real fast about my new course coming out!

It’s all about how to Capture Your Everyday Life and Create Art. In this course you will learn:

-Simple compositions to use everyday
-How to use and see the light
-6 Creative Exercises to help you capture your everyday
-5+ Editing videos
-Tips on taking Self Portraits featuring your everyday
-And MORE!

Be sure to sign up below to be notified of when this course will air, early bird pricing, and what else will be included. I’m so excited about this course!

a day in the life : how to complete one

So, first and foremost I do go over this in depth in my course, Capture Your Everyday Life and Create Art if you are interested in learning more about these type of photography projects.

The basic concept is to capture a full day. The best way to do this is to make sure you take your camera everywhere you go. Make sure it’s charged the night before and make sure you make a plan the night before as well. In my course, I go into details on how to make a plan, how to do a day in the life, and much much more! So be sure to sign up for early bird pricing! (Alright I promise I’m done promoting my course – I’m just so excited to give it to you!).

A Day in the Life is fairly easy to accomplish, you just have to be diligent in taking pictures throughout the day.

I wanted to challenge myself and use different compositions, lighting, and perspectives in my own home than I usually do, and I definitely accomplished this challenge!

This is why I love day in the life photography projects! I feel like they help push you to see beauty in your everyday life where you normally would have just ignored it. Anything and everything is photographable in a day in the life project!

Well, without further ado, let’s see my pictures! I’m really excited about them and I hope you enjoy this project that I completed.

June 28, 2019 : Day in the Life

The day started like most days: My husband woke up before me and left for work, I woke up before my son and read in bed some until he woke up to snuggle.

Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project
Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project

After he woke up, my son declared he was hungry, so it was off to the kitchen to find some food for the poor starving boy! He says the cutest hungry that comes out as ‘hunny’ and I can’t help but think he’s calling me a sweet name every hour of the day!

While my son was eating, I set him up with some morning cartoons so that I could get ready for the day.

Next it was time to get my son ready. I always place him on top of the chest of drawers, it’s easier for me and my growing belly! We change diapers and get dressed here almost everyday.

Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project
Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project
Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project

After that we ran a TON of errands with the help of my sons uncle!! We couldn’t have done it without him. I was preparing for my sons birthday party the next day, so I had a lot to do. I didn’t take as many pictures while we were out and about as I had hoped, but I made sure to sneak in two at Kroger!

Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project

Then it was home again, where my son demanded a snack and to eat his cereal with a fork. Ahh, two year olds, what do you do?

Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project

After I unloaded all of the groceries and everything else I bought for his party, it was time for some fun play time in his room!

Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project
Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project
Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project
Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project

After he got used to the idea of playing, I snuck off to the kitchen to do the dishes and start making dinner. It was almost time for daddy to get home!

Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project

In the excitement of daddy getting home, I failed to take pictures of our meal (which was spaghetti and very yummy!) and also of my husband getting home. I had thought in my mind it would have been cute to photograph his arrival, but it just didn’t happen this time around. Another day 😉

So, after dinner, it was story time.

Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project
Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project
Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project
Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project
Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project
Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project
Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project

Then we decided to look for swiper (from Dora the Explorer) out the window because I saw yummy light and…I mean, that light!

Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project

He got mad at me when I made him get down haha, so I put him back up for a few more minutes of looking for swiper!

Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project
Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project

Next it was time to put dinner away and I needed to make cookies for his party the next day! So my husband helped me clean the kitchen (again).

Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project

While I was making cookies, I noticed the cutest scene of my husband and son snuggles up, I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures!

Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project

The last light of day is always the best!

Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project
Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project

My husband left to go hang out with some friends, so it was just me and the cutie! We hung out and watched some movies and of course, ate some snacks!! These next images were all illuminated by the tv and my phone’s screen! I had to get creative, my light was gone. 🙂

Then it was time to get ready for bed and brush out teeth!

Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project
Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project

And then he fell asleep watching Zootopia…because when dad’s away, mommy plays! Haha! I let him stay up past his bedtime so that I could start working on these images and blog them.

Day in the Life Aly Dawn Photography Project

And that was the end of my day! Except now I am holding the sleeping baby as I finish this blog post. I hope you enjoyed watching how our day unfolded! And that you find inspiration to do your own day in the life project!

Thanks for stopping by!

Summer Photo Checklist: A Free Download

Summer Photo Checklist: A Free Download

Whoo summer is FINALLY here! Anyone else super excited about it like I am? I may be pregnant, but I’m determined to still have fun this summer.

And I even got a maternity bathing suit that I love and am ready to rock the swim parties in!

I’m also really excited about summer because my son was born in summer and I can’t wait to celebrate his birthday!

Along with all the fun things summer has to offer, it also has some great photo ops! I’m here to provide you with a checklist of all the photos you need to take this summer while having all the fun you can!

I also made it into a cute little graphic you can print out or pin for safe keeping. 😉

  1. A trip to the pool (or lake!)
  2. Sprinkler
  3. Ice Cream!
  4. Park
  5. Jumping on the trampoline
  6. Building a sand castle
  7. A summer picnic
  8. Eating water melon
  9. Drawing with chalk
  10. Sparklers
  11. Hiking
  12. Bubbles
  13. Umbrella in the rain
  14. S’mores
  15. Macro shot of a flower (here are some tips to get started in macro photography)
  16. Fresh fruit
  17. Pop of color
  18. A trip to the zoo
  19. BBQ Skills
  20. Lemonade Stand
  21. Camping
  22. Riding a bike
  23. Fireworks
  24. Relaxing with a good book
  25. A day at an amusement park
  26. A day in the life
  27. Sunset
  28. On the swings
  29. Water splashing
  30. Photos with mom or dad
  31. Child holding a bug or frog
  32. Picking strawberries
  33. Summer light
  34. Summer beverage
  35. Wearing sunglasses
  36. Fresh fruit

Creativity Exercise : 30 Day Photo Challenge

Creativity Exercise : 30 Day Photo Challenge

It’s a new month! Which means we get a brand new creativity exercise! Are you ready to get inspired and take pictures? I am. I loved last month’s exercise. If you’re just now joining us, be sure to check it out. Also, you can subscribe so that you don’t miss another one.

So, April is the perfect month (I may be a little biased since I was born in April … ) to do a 30 day photo challenge! April only has 30 days! If you are just joining in on these creativity exercises, don’t worry! You don’t have to start in April or even in the beginning of a month. Just start it! Download the document, print it out, hang it on your wall, follow the prompts, and share! These exercises are meant to get your creative juices flowing. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Aly Dawn Photography Creativity Exercise : 30 Day Photo Challenge

the challenge

This challenge is all about thinking. You can either follow the prompts that I have given, make your own prompt, or just take a picture a day this month! Up to you. There aren’t really any rules here. It’s pretty open to your interpretation.

the prompts

If you decide to follow the prompts, don’t let them drag you down! They don’t have to be perfect. The point of this exercise is to take 30 different photos. If one of the prompts are getting in the way of you taking a picture that day, then take a picture of whatever you want. The idea is to walk away with 30 photos by the end of the month.

I did throw in a couple of self portraits. Get creative with these. Find ways to push past the typical ‘selfie’. Set up a tripod. Include the environment. Do something in them. Don’t look at the camera. Self portraits can be tricky, but with these tips, you should be able to conquer them easily!

how to push through

If you’ve ever tried to do a 365, you know how hard it can be. Taking a picture everyday is difficult. But it does push you and help you grow. Here are some ways to stay motivated and push through this exercise.

  • don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day – no seriously, don’t. It’ll only make you feel worse. Instead, take 2 images the next day. You’ve got this.
  • Read the prompt the night before – this’ll help you think of how you can get the image you want the next day. It’s totally OK to stage an image!
  • Don’t let the prompts bring you down – if a prompt is too hard, take an image of whatever you want!
  • Keep your camera in a place where you’ll see it. I keep mine in the middle of my living room so that it’s easy to grab!
  • Take your camera when you go out – you never know, you just might see something that’s perfect for that days prompt!
  • Have fun – this is the most important. Don’t stress over it like it’s a chore. This is supposed to be fun!

When all is said and done, make sure you put your images all together (in a grid, a calendar, etc.) so that you can see all the fun you had. Share your 30 day photo challenge with everyone! On Instagram, Facebook, you could even print it out! If you complete this photo challenge, please, show me below!

I’m currently working on mine (since it’s still April) and once I am done with it, I will come back to update this blog post to include the images I took with the prompts! See you at the end of the month. 🙂

March’s Exercise : 30 Photos in 30 Minutes

Creativity Exercise: 30 Photos in 30 Minutes

Creativity Exercise: 30 Photos in 30 Minutes

If you are new to my blog, welcome! Starting in March I will be posting a creativity exercise every month! So if you like getting inspired, come back on the first Sunday of every month for a creativity exercise. These exercises are meant to push your creativity to the max. Do you feel like you’re in a rut? Do you feel like there’s something you need to work on? These creativity exercises will definitely push you and make you think.

One thing I absolutely love about photography is how there is always something new to learn. It doesn’t matter how advanced you are in your photography journey, doing a creativity exercise every month will challenge you and improve your photography. And I’m going to do it with you! The reason I decided to do this exercise as our first challenge is because I LOVE photo walks. And I also love trying to get 30 different images. It’s harder than you might think!

Each person sees the world differently. If you had two photographers go on the same walk at the same time, their 30 images would be completely different. So, are you ready to dive into this challenge? I’m excited to see what you have produced!

check out my 5 Reasons to Convert an Image to B&W post

Aly Dawn Photography Creativity Exercise: 30 photos in 30 minutes

This post contains affiliate links.  Thank you in advance for supporting Aly Dawn Photography!

the challenge

This one is super simple. All I want you to do is go to a outdoor location, take a walk, and get 30 photos in 30 minutes. Pretty great, right?

I went on a walk on a beautiful day, with lots of sun, around golden hour. You could challenge yourself further and choose a harder time to go. Like mid sunny day, or a rainy day. Challenge yourself and have fun!

choosing a location

Any outdoor location will work, really. The beach, a garden, your neighborhood, your driveway, a park, etc. It doesn’t have to be some grand location, though. The only ‘rule’ is that you want to stay in that one location for all 30 photos! The idea is that you push yourself to get 30 different photos in this location.

Have you been passing by a place you’d love to shoot? Go there! Or you can push yourself further and photograph a place you shoot often. There are so many options for picking your location.

the photographs

You are trying to take 30 unique photos in 30 minutes. Getting unique photos is challenging enough, let alone in 30 minutes in one location!

Each photo needs to be unique, but it doesn’t need to be of different subjects. Choosing to shoot the same subject in different ways is all part of this challenge.

The photos don’t have to be your best work, they just have to push you creatively. In theory, this exercise will help you in getting unique photographs in one location. For example, if you are shooting a senior session, you now have the skill to take 5 different shots of the same subject in the same location. 5 unique shots before you have to move on from that pose or location. That’s a very handy skill to have.

the time

30 minutes, guys. That’s it. Set a timer. This is all part of the challenge! It’s OK if you go over your time, but having a goal of 30 minutes is a good idea. I’m pretty sure I went over my time limit by like 10 minutes. And that’s OK!

how to push through

Are you feeling a little stuck? Try these things out to push through the exercise. You’ll thank me later. Try taking pictures…

  • From a different angle. Stand up on your tip toes, shoot down. Lay down on your belly and shoot up.
  • Using different composition. Try using framing!
  • Of textures
  • Using a different aperture. Take one of the same subject at wide open, then stop down. Which one do you like better?
  • Of people – portraits are definitely allowed!
  • Using the available light differently (from above, the side, backlighting, etc).
  • Of moving subjects – freeze them or show the motion.

There is a limit on your time and location, but your options are limitless to what you can shoot!

Aly Dawn Photography Creativity Exercise: 30 photos in 30 minutes

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

I did this exercise a couple of days ago! I found it so therapeutic. I did it the day I found out my grandfather died and I was needing a way to cope with it. Photography definitely did that for me.

Although I loved this exercise, I did find it challenging! My walk was filled with a lot of dead stuff. Like, a lot of dead stuff. It’s just starting to warm up here, so no signs of spring yet. I liked the challenge, though. I think it definitely pushed me creatively.

I was really trying to not ONLY photography my husband or son. I couldn’t resist some of them, though. I mean, look at that light! I was in heaven. But I was really worried I wouldn’t get 30 images! I managed to do it, though.

Here’s my 30 images in 30 minutes!! All images taken with my Nikon D610 and my beautiful Sigma 24mm 1.4 – definitely my go to lens.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Be sure to #alydawnphoto and #alydawn_creativity on Instagram so that we can all stay connected! I know it’s a bit hard to share 30 images on IG, but you could share your top 10! I’d love to see them! What did you find hard about this challenge? What held you back? Can’t wait to see everyone’s images this month.

Catch me next month for the next creativity exercise! I’m so excited to be doing these with you.

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