Baby Naps by Alyssa Ahern

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There’s something so peaceful and beautiful about a baby napping. My son refuses to sleep in his crib. He loves sleeping on me all day every day. Which I love the snuggles, but it would be nice to put him down from time to time! The longest he’s gone down in the crib was ten minutes. I’ll take it. It allowed for me to photograph him sleeping for once, it’s something I want to remember. I want to remember the way he dreams about nursing, his sweet eyes closed revealing his beautiful eye lashes. I want to remember how limp and cute his little body is when he’s asleep. I love the kicking he does during the day, but he’s just so peaceful and calm when he sleeps. I want to remember how his tiny feet and legs curl while he sleeps. I want to remember all the details.

This post contains affiliate links.  Thank you in advance for supporting Aly Dawn Photography!

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image taken by: Nikon D610 and my wide angle lens
my settings were: ISO 5000 | f/1.4 | 1/200ss

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