A Boy Learning How to Stand

It’s truly amazing to see children grow and develop. I love that I get to stay home with my baby boy and that I’m able to see him hit all of his milestones on a day to day basis. He’s been crawling like a crazy baby since he was 5 1/2 months old – he’s going on 8 months now! I love how quickly they learn something. Like one minute he couldn’t stand for the life of him, and then something clicked and he was standing every five seconds. No joke.

He’s a pro at pulling himself up into standing position. He’s got that down. Every once in a while he gets brave and lets go, only to stand there for a few seconds before letting go.

He loves it when we play the ‘how long can you stand’ game. And let’s be honest … I love it, too. When he stands there for longer than 5 seconds I get so excited! I know I’m only encouraging him … but he’s so darn cute when he stands all by himself. And I may or may not be excited for that stage of his life … I’m just so proud of him and all that he does!

Yesterday I decided to photograph this little game and get in the frame with him .. I definitely didn’t regret it. I love taking pictures with him.

Aly Dawn Photography A Boy Learning How to Stand








Aly Dawn Photography A Boy Learning How to Stand

I am so thankful for the little moments like this that I get with my son each day. His little personality is just shining through. I can’t believe he is almost 8 months old. The time is going to quickly! I’m so thankful for my photography talent so that I can capture these sweet little moments.

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