A Boy and His Naptime

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I’m going to be 100% transparent with you for just a second. I’m a horrible mother. No really, I am. And here’s why: I don’t do anything by the ‘books’. But you know what? My son seems to be happy to me, so I’m happy! He’s almost 8 months (oh my, where did the time go?!) and I still haven’t started him on solids and I also am terrible at putting him down for naps.

But you know what? I have cherished every single snuggle I’ve gotten over the past 8 months. And he definitely gives me snuggles. I’m one of those moms who doesn’t like the idea of ‘cry it out’. If you use that method and it works for you, then good for you! But it just hasn’t worked for me and my son. For most of my sons life, he’s been held when he sleeps. And it’s totally my fault. My favorite thing is to hold a sleeping baby. And it’s of course my favorite thing as a mom. I love holding him when he’s asleep. I don’t regret holding him. Not one bit. But I am starting to find a method that works for me.

This past month I have been actively trying to put him down after he’s asleep. And it’s been working! That’s a win for me. To hold him while he falls asleep and then put him down if I need to. I usually put him on the couch, since that’s normally where I am. (He’s on my bed in the pictures, I was hanging out in my room cleaning while he slept). He’s even asleep right now as I type this!

why this works for me…

  • I really do hate hearing him cry, especially when I know it’s because he wants me. I will never do the cry it out method.
  • It’s actually allowing me to be less stressed. I’m able to put him down when he sleeps, as opposed to stressing about letting him cry it out.
  • I still get my snuggles in, which I crave.
  • He gets better sleep.

He’s still pretty young, so I’m not extremely worried about teaching him how to fall asleep on his own, although I know that it’s fast approaching. I’m actually getting more things done now that I’ve tackled this method of naptime. And believe it or not, I’m less stressed!

I still have a goal of getting him to sleep in the crib. But for now, this works and this makes me happy. And I think that’s really all that matters! If you do use the cry it out method and love it, I’d love to know why in the comments. I probably will never use it, but it’s always interesting to read why it works for someone else. All babies are different and they need different things. And for my son, he needs comfort. And I’m totally OK with giving it to him…

Aly Dawn Photography Naptime




Aly Dawn Photography Naptime

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