A Boy and His Bath

My son loves bath time. He loves to splash and splash. There was this one time that he …

Boy do we have a bath story for you! Earlier this day my son pooped his pants. Yuck! His poop is starting to change because we started feeding him real food! His favorite food so far are peas. Yummy! Anyways, this was legit our first blow out battle. I noticed he was poopy, so I promptly handed him over to my husband and said, “your turn!”. As my husband (who, by the way, didn’t complain and should earn husband of the year for just that!) started changing him, I heard him panic … his diaper had approached blow out status! Gosh it was so bad, it was on the carpet, my husband’s hands, my hands, my little ones onesie … I rushed him to the bathroom and then proceeded to take off his clothes and diaper. Once we got the poop all cleaned off (you had no idea you were about to read a poop story, did you?) I rinsed out his bath tub and put fresh water in it for him to enjoy a bath. And to get nice and clean …

My son really loves bath time. I had given him a bath just the day before. The light was really pretty in the kitchen, so I gave him a bath in our kitchen sink! Our bathroom has zero light and is not ideal to shoot in (it’s small and compact!). I played around with the different shutter speeds as my little one splashed and splashed. He really loves water. If I am holding him and need to wash my hands, as soon as I turn on the water, he lunges for it! He loves the water.

I love giving him a bath because as soon as he’s done with it, he is exhausted and it’s the perfect time for a nap (which means blogging or cleaning for me!). Win-win in my book.

So, just a boy and his bath …

Aly Dawn Photography A Boy and His Bath









Aly Dawn Photography A Boy and His Bath


I love this little boy of mine and I love capturing the memories we make together. Thank you for swinging by.

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