Summer Photo Checklist: A Free Download

Summer Photo Checklist: A Free Download

Whoo summer is FINALLY here! Anyone else super excited about it like I am? I may be pregnant, but I’m determined to still have fun this summer.

And I even got a maternity bathing suit that I love and am ready to rock the swim parties in!

I’m also really excited about summer because my son was born in summer and I can’t wait to celebrate his birthday!

Along with all the fun things summer has to offer, it also has some great photo ops! I’m here to provide you with a checklist of all the photos you need to take this summer while having all the fun you can!

I also made it into a cute little graphic you can print out or pin for safe keeping. 😉

  1. A trip to the pool (or lake!)
  2. Sprinkler
  3. Ice Cream!
  4. Park
  5. Jumping on the trampoline
  6. Building a sand castle
  7. A summer picnic
  8. Eating water melon
  9. Drawing with chalk
  10. Sparklers
  11. Hiking
  12. Bubbles
  13. Umbrella in the rain
  14. S’mores
  15. Macro shot of a flower (here are some tips to get started in macro photography)
  16. Fresh fruit
  17. Pop of color
  18. A trip to the zoo
  19. BBQ Skills
  20. Lemonade Stand
  21. Camping
  22. Riding a bike
  23. Fireworks
  24. Relaxing with a good book
  25. A day at an amusement park
  26. A day in the life
  27. Sunset
  28. On the swings
  29. Water splashing
  30. Photos with mom or dad
  31. Child holding a bug or frog
  32. Picking strawberries
  33. Summer light
  34. Summer beverage
  35. Wearing sunglasses
  36. Fresh fruit