Watch Me Edit: How to Convert an Image to Black and White

Post processing is very important in photography. One of the best ways to learn is to watch someone else edit. This is how I convert an image to black and white…


A Boy and His Naptime

This past month I have been actively trying to put him down after he’s asleep. And it’s been working! That’s a win for me. To hold him while he falls asleep and then put him down if I need to. I usually put him on the couch, since that’s normally where I am. (He’s on my bed in the pictures, I was hanging out in my room cleaning while he slept). He’s even asleep right now as I type this!

How to Take Better Photos for Your Blog

So you started a blog. One thing you might start to realize fast is how important photography is to a good blog. Sure, you could use photos you find off the web (I don’t recommend this), but you want your blog to reflect you. So, you want your photos to …