Before and After: Window Light

Before and After: Window Light

I’m going to start a series that will post every Friday. 🙂 I’m calling it: Before and After. Each week I’ll pick an image and show the before and after and the settings. I’m usually a pretty clean edit type of gal. I like getting it right in camera so that the post-processing doesn’t take up a huge chunk of my time! My time is everything. 😉 This one is a clean edit.

I used to edit everything with a matte…but I tend to fall away from that now. I also used to use Photoshop for EVERYTHING. But I have a new found love for Lightroom. I use THAT for everything and I only use Photoshop for any major cleanup (but again, I try to get everything perfect or as close to perfect as I can in camera).

If you have any questions regarding editing, I’d be happy to help answer them! Also, for all you Lightroom users out there, I highly recommend reading Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5: Classroom in a Book (or whatever Lightroom you have, they have books for each one). It helped me SO much in learning LR and it was probably one of the best purchases so far in my photography journey.2016-08-04_0001

In the original, I got the exposure just about perfect to my taste. I use a preset that I made that brings up contrast, brings down highlights, adds a little clarity, and bump ups mid tones. From there I sloppily cloned out the chair (that would be a time when I bring it into Photoshop to really get it nice and clean, as Light room doesn’t do such a great job at this.) and fixed any white balance issues, and cropped in some. Viola! Clean edit. Super fast and super simple. I mean, it took me like 3 clicks!

Again, I highly suggest trying to get the scene and exposure how you want it IN camera. It makes it so much easier to process it. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to help.

My Photography Journey


We all start somewhere. I’ve always been into photography.

There is something about photographs that just stops me in my tracks. The light. The movement. The subject. The connection. The composition. Everything just makes my heart sing. Ever since I was a child, I loved the thought of being a photographer. I wanted to capture moments through my eyes. We each see the world in different ways, and I wanted to show the world my view. My photography journey really didn’t take off until I found ClickinMoms in January of 2015.


I’ve come to realize that most photographers I’ve met start learning photography because of the birth of their first child. That’s not the case for me. My love for photography started in high school, no even as a child. I used my hard earned babysitting money to purchase a digital camera. Touch screen included. I loved it. For my high school graduation my father bought me my first DSLR camera: a Nikon D5100. I loved every second of my time with that camera. It has taught me a lot. And it went on many adventures with me. Like Utah! And Arizona! And California! And Florida! We had a good run. But I upgraded to a full frame Nikon D610 last December and I am never looking back. The images I get from my ff are just so amazing.


Over at ClickinMoms (I highly recommend this awesome forum, it has changed my photography for the better!) I started taking classes. I took Mastering Manual Exposure. This class really kick started my photography journey. After that class, I practiced and practiced. And I fell more and more in love with photography. You mean I can actually decide how much of the background is blurred out?? I can get cool sun burst?? I can get good pictures indoors? After MME I took even more classes. Intro into Natural Light, Foundation of Composition, and I just recently finished my fourth class, StoryMaking. All of these classes have helped me in my photography journey and I am forever grateful.


I still have so much to learn. So much to experience. So much to capture. I embrace the journey and I welcome it!


If you’re just starting out and you feel like your photography skills are going no where, don’t worry. We’ve all been there. I recommend searching for a photography community. Like ClickinMoms. If you can’t afford the classes (they are a little on the expensive side) definitely join the forum! There are plenty of tutorials on there and it is such a great community. Any question you have I can guarantee that it will be answered.


So, remember: we all start somewhere. ❤