Morning Rain Drops by Alyssa Ahern

Morning Rain Aly Dawn Photography

Lately our morning routine has included walks. I like going in the morning when the weather is nice and cool. And it’s been pretty cool lately, so those morning walks have been wonderful. I really like the cool air on my face as I walk, being able to spend this time with my son. I don’t take my camera every time because I really just want to enjoy the walk. But when I do take my camera, I feel inspired. The light is so different in the morning, I’m really not used to it! On this one particular morning, about a week ago, I happened to bring my camera. It had rained the night before and everything was covered in rain drops. Mix that with some pretty morning light and you get magic.

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Morning Rain Aly Dawn Photography

Image taken by: Nikon D610 and my wide angle lens
my settings were: ISO 160 | f/2.0 | 1/400ss

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I am a photographer, a wife, a sister, and now a momma to be. I strive to capture the beauty in ordinary things. I love to photograph people, places, and things that I love and cherish. I am a lover of natural light, macro, lifestyle, and dark and moody images. I am a die hard Nikon fan, I love yellow starbursts, I am a pianist, and I am obsessed with photography, maybe a little too much!

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