How to Take Better Photos for Your Blog

Aly Dawn Photography How to Take Better Photos For Your Blog

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So you started a blog. One thing you might start to realize fast is how important photography is to a good blog. Sure, you could use photos you find off the web (I don’t recommend this), but you want your blog to reflect you. So, you want your photos to be yours. In order to do that, you need your words to be 100 percent you and you need your photos to be 100% you. People will come back to your blog again and again for how honest it is. But, first! You need to learn how to take better photos. Why? Having better photos on your blog will invite more people to read your blog. I know I do this when I’m scrolling through Pinterest, I look for beautiful pictures before I click through to a blog.

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This post contains affiliate links.  Thank you in advance for supporting Aly Dawn Photography!

practice, practice, practice!

Keep in mind that the number one thing you can do to better your photography is practice. Ever heard the phrase, “practice makes perfect”? Yep. Practice, practice, practice! It’s the only way to truly improve. I could walk you through all types of photography techniques, but if you never practice those techniques, they will never develop and turn into skills. So, please practice! And share what you practice!

how to take better blog photos

I want you to take a little break from reading this and go visit Pinterest. Look at images that make you want to click through to a blog. What about those images do you like? It’s probably good light, interesting subjects, and composition (they way an image is arranged). Am I right? Maybe it’s something else. Write down what you like about the images you see. I want you to strive to get the same results in your images. But, first…

1. learn manual mode

Manual mode is so important to improving your photography. When I switched to manual mode, my images got SO much better. Like night and day, from just learning how to use my camera properly! I didn’t upgrade my equipment at all. It was all me.

I’ve been thinking about possibly doing a manual mode class. If you’re interested in taking a manual mode class from me, comment below! If I get enough interested I will definitely create it.

2. learn everything light

And I mean everything! Light is so important to improving your overall photography. One rule of thumb while you’re starting out…focus on natural light. What is ‘natural’ light? Well, you guessed it, it’s basically any type of light that comes from the sun. Once you master natural light, then you can move on to other forms of light such as artificial.

If you’re looking for some nice reading on the topic, I recommend Light: Science and Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting. But remember, after reading anything, practice what you read!

3. learn how to edit

I highly recommend learning Lightroom. It’s easy to learn basic edits and it definitely gets the job done. Editing your photos takes your images to the next level. Editing your images gives them a professional polish. There’s no reason to overdo it, though. Over edited images look unprofessional, so keep that in mind. I will also recommend staying away from presets and filters. You don’t need them. And blue images are old news. Check out my LR shortcuts for faster editing.

I also really love my copy of Lightroom: Classroom in a Book. It has taught me so much regarding Lightroom. And it’s fun to go through.

4. equipment

I’m a firm believer that a good camera won’t make you an amazing photographer. Only practice will do that. But getting good equipment will make your life easier. I recommend a beginner’s camera, such as the one I started out with, the Nikon D5100. Or if you’re in the market for a more professional camera, I recommend the Nikon D610. Although, if I’m going to be 100% honest with you, I would love to have the Nikon D750!

A good computer is a must. One that has plenty of space, lots of ram, and some speed to run your editing software of choice.

I recommend getting a prime lens. I love prime lenses. A prime lens has a set focal length. I love the Nikon 50mm 1.8 as a starter lens (and bonus! It’s the cheapest lens out there that is also good quality).


5. make sure your images relate to your posts

I feel like this goes without saying. Make sure your images match (somewhat) to what you’re saying. Don’t write a post about cats and then have pictures of food…your audience will be very confused!

I hope these tips have helped you in taking better photos for your blog. As I mentioned before, it’s very important to practice everything you learn.

Comment below something you are struggling with. What about photography do you struggle with?

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I am a photographer, a wife, a sister, and a momma to a sweet boy and a sweet girl. I strive to capture the beauty in ordinary things. I love to photograph people, places, and things that I love and cherish. I am a lover of natural light, macro, lifestyle, and dark and moody images. I love Nikon, I'm not sure you could ever convince me to switch to any other brand! I love to use Lightroom and I love to connect to new people!

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  1. Great tips! I don’t have a lot of extra money so I haven’t been able to buy a lot of equipment to take blog pictures with. But I’ve been able to improve my results using what I have and it’s so amazing when I compare photos from my first year of blogging with my current photos. I can see why I wasn’t attracting a lot of readers then!

  2. Love your tips! Light is soooo important for getting great shots! And lighting equipment isn’t horrendously expensive anymore so that makes it easier now! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I LOVE Lightroom — I have way too much fun manipulating RAW images, but I haven’t yet learned how to fully do Manual. I don’t feel so confident with Manual yet, but definitely just need to practice and learn the lighting and settings!

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