Before and After: Backlight

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First things first…In order to have such an AWESOME picture as this, your model really has to be absolutely GORGEOUS! Otherwise, and I’m serious here, you’re photo won’t look good at all. So, good luck finding a model as beautiful as this one. 😉 Secondly, lens flare. I mean, come on! Are you  not drooling over the lens flare like I am??!? This was achieved by shooting into the sun with the Sigma 24mm. I love that lens, and WILL own it one day! 😉


This SOOC (Straight Out of Camera) image was just too bright. It was one of the first images I took in this setting, and I wasn’t quite prepared for how bright it was. I guess you could say it was my test shot, but I just loved her face so much I had to keep it. Because I shot this in RAW (as opposed to JPEG), so much detail was preserved in the bright spots. Just by bringing down the exposure and highlights, you can see how much of the trees in the background were preserved. RAW is awesome and I highly recommend you switch to it right now. I really love backlit photos; they’re so beautiful. Don’t forget to check out the Sigma 24mm as it really is one of my favorite lenses out there.

Happy Friday. <3

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