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Kentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

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I love it when clients want newborn photoshoots! I love being a newborn lifestyle photographer. I love capturing the real life moments. I love trying to figure out how to use the light in different homes. I love seeing the nursery. I love seeing them be a new family. I love seeing them welcome a new member to their family. There’s something so special about bringing home a new baby. And I love capturing it all! Being a newborn lifestyle photographer is definitely a favorite.

I try to capture the new families as honest and real as I can get. During this session, I could just tell how proud the new parents were of their newest little bundle. I loved it! They were so happy! They were overwhelmed, as well (as one should be) but they wore it with a smile on their face! They knew being a parent wasn’t going to be easy, and that their sweet little bundle was totally worth all the hard things.

Their home was so beautiful! I loved their use of green in the nursery and the use of animals. They had quite a few sloth things. I also LOVED their bookshelf! Such a cute idea!

Kentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Kentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

I LOVED the rug in their nursery – I knew I had to use it to get some sweet pictures of that sweet baby. And B&W is my favorite!

Kentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

I absolutely LOVE photographing newborns with their daddy’s. Mom’s do a LOT for their newborn, and you can see the love they have for them, but their something about the dad experiencing the newborn out of the womb for the first time that is just magical. Their love is unconditional. And I just love how sweet they look with a tiny little bundle in their arms!

Kentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle PhotographerKentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle PhotographerKentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Momma’s are just so beautiful. They’ve been through a lot the last couple of months. Their body’s create such a miracle. I am always in awe of the strength of a mother.

Kentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle PhotographerKentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle Photographer2018-10-27_00112018-10-27_0010Kentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

And if the images above didn’t just melt your heart completely, I can guarantee the one’s below will!!

Kentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle Photographer2018-10-27_0014Kentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle Photographer2018-10-27_0016Kentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle Photographer2018-10-27_0019

And you guys ALL know that I LOVE baby feet. And if you don’t, well then you should learn now, I love baby feet haha! Like seriously, so adorable!

Kentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle PhotographerKentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Dad had this hand-me-down crib that was just so charming. I LOVED it. It was so cute.

Kentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle PhotographerKentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle PhotographerKentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle PhotographerKentuckiana Newborn Lifestyle Photographer2018-10-27_00252018-10-27_00262018-10-27_0027

Ahh if your heart didn’t melt during that whole session, than I literally don’t know what else to show you! My heart is so full. I have the best clients ever and I love photographing newborns!

If you’re interested in having your own family photographed, contact me! Let’s chat. I want to give you memories that you will cherish for years to come. <3

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