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Hey everyone! I have a huge announcement to make about my website! For the longest time, I was under the impression that my blog needed to have only one topic. And for the longest time, I chose for that topic to be photography. While I have really enjoyed writing about photography, it’s not the only thing I’d like to write about.

I feel like the best thing for my blog is to change the content of what I write about. I will be writing about motherhood and photography. Now, motherhood is a large topic and I’d like to narrow it down just a little bit more. I am interested in helping mothers learn photography, help mothers learn how to blog, learn how to use social media, as well as how to lose baby weight, how to entertain your children on rainy days, and how to get the most out of being a mother. Becoming a mother, for me, was the best thing that ever happened to me. I want to share my motherhood story with people in the hopes that I can help someone out there.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert mom. In fact, I am far from it. I only have one child (in 2018) and I am still learning all sorts of things about being a parent. But it’s a bigger part of my life than photography, so I want to share everything I learn with you.

What does this mean for the blog? You will still see photography tutorials. But more than that, you’ll see motherhood posts. Although I will be focusing on mom’s, the blog could still benefit dad’s as well. You will start to see motherhood posts mixed in there. I will still be writing posts about how to master those social media sites and how to become a better blogger. But the majority of my posts will focus on how to help mom’s do all of these things. I get it. I’m a stay at home mom, too. I want to help you learn new things and I want to uplift you. I want my blog to become a place where you will feel safe and welcome. Where we can talk about how our day was with our cute kiddos. I also want to help you feel like the best mom you can be.

The blog will under go a few changes:

  • My motto will change (still in the works of that).
  • New tabs with motherhood will be introduced
  • New posts featuring motherhood topics

Other than that, the blog will stay mostly the same. You will still see tons of photography tutorials (because, I love photography!) but the biggest thing is that I’m taking charge of my blog and blogging what I want to blog about. What I feel like will benefit my blog and readers the most. Basically, the blog will change from a photography blog to a lifestyle blog. I’m so excited to take the blog in this new direction!

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, please subscribe to my blog (you’ll get a freebie!!). If you have any questions, please comment on my blog and I’ll answer them for you!


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I am a photographer, a wife, a sister, and a momma to a sweet boy and a sweet girl. I strive to capture the beauty in ordinary things. I love to photograph people, places, and things that I love and cherish. I am a lover of natural light, macro, lifestyle, and dark and moody images. I love Nikon, I'm not sure you could ever convince me to switch to any other brand! I love to use Lightroom and I love to connect to new people!

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