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Aly Dawn 365 | Week 2

Another week of the year has passed!

One tip I do have is to stay organized. It makes this process so much easier. 🙂 I really like the app I have on my iPad (it’s Apple only) called Collect. It makes it so easy to see your progress and to see all of your images together in one place. I highly recommend it!

The forecast for this week was rain everyday. I got a little sun on Monday, though, so I captured it. I was a little bummed, thinking, “How on EARTH will I get good pictures when it’s raining and overcast all the time??” when my husband reminded me that one of his favorite photos of mine was on a rainy overcast morning. Gotta love husbands. 😉 And I have to admit, there are a few photos I took this week that I love! The boot image was taken with my car headlights (it looks like sun! <3) and it was freelensed.














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