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My Dogs in 2016

I love photography projects. But I can never seem to finish them. I start them and I’m super excited about it and then nothing ever happens with it. Please tell me I’m not the only one! A friend of mine made me realize that I did a project all of 2016 just by simply taking pictures of my cute pups.

I’ll be honest. Taking pictures of dogs is hard. You want them to look honest. Not posed and hating it (I do have a few of those that I just love, so no judging haha). But it’s so hard for you to get those types of images. The good thing about dogs is that they are honest. They will honestly let you know they hate sitting there for you to take a picture. But then they honestly let you know about their curiosity. What is that out the window? I have found that after awhile, they really don’t care about the big camera in my hands. They are them. And it’s sometimes hard to photograph people like that. People aren’t as honest. 😉

Through this project that I accidentally did, I have seen growth. And in my eyes, that means that the project was successful.

In no particular order, here they are.


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