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4 Ways to Get Out of Your Rut

As photographers, we sometimes go through phrases where we don’t want to pick up the camera at all. And the thought of editing all those photos you took a few months ago makes you sick. Please tell me it’s not just me. I’m currently in a rut, but I’ve found that these 4 things have really helped.


1. Time

Take that break. It’s really ok. I give you permission. If I had forced myself to keep taking pictures, I think I would be in an even bigger rut right now. I needed a break. From my photography. From social media. From everything. I needed me time, not camera time. I still love photography. Really, I do. I still love social media (a little too much if you ask me). But that break really helped me reconnect to myself.


2. Read a Book

I got two new photography books for Christmas (go husband!). If you don’t have the funds to buy a new photography book, there are always plenty at your local library. I even find some that I can download on my iPad. I’m currently reading Mastering Composition and it’s great so far. It’s even inspiring me some! You could also go through some old breakouts (like from Clickin Moms) or watch YouTube videos on something you’ve always wanted to try. I’ve done that before! Reading a book is always inspiring.


3. Join an Online Community

This has been ongoing for me. I’m part of the Clickin Moms community. I love Clickin Moms sooo much. There’s so much information on just the forum itself, it can really motivate you to get out there and take a picture. Finding an online community will also help you make friends with photographers who start asking what happened when you leave Instagram for a few months….(I love you IG followers!) Go find a community and JOIN NOW.


4. Look Within

I think this one might be the best. I told you I am in a rut myself. I started looking at my Instagram feed and Flickr feed and started feeling inspired. Like, did I really do all this work? Have I really gotten this far? How far will I go in the next year? What goals do I have for my photography? Dang that photo is good. Look within to find strength. Looking at others work can only get you so far. I highly recommend you look at your own photos. Find what you like about them. Find what you don’t like. And then, create more.


Just like me, you’ll get out of this rut. You’ll start creating art again. You’ll feel inspired. Enjoy the break, but everyone is missing you. 😉

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