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5 Tips to Prepare to Photograph Your Vacation

20150816-181I’m preparing to go on a trip to Disneyland (we leave this Saturday, and I am beyond excited!). I’m going to be doing a series of blog posts in the coming month all about my trip, so keep a look out for those. Last time I went to Disney (we went to Disney World in Florida, which is where these images are from, instead of Disneyland in California last time) I wasn’t prepared and I just snapped photos a whole bunch. Which is fine, I got a lot of awesome shots and I’m happy with them! But this time I’m going in with a plan. Each of these tips can be applied to ANY vacation, not just your Disney get a way. 🙂 So, without further ado, here’s 5 tips to prepare to photograph your vacation.

1. Make a list of the photos you want to capture

Make that list! And strive to take all the pictures you write down, but don’t stress if you don’t get them all. Don’t go crazy and put unrealistic photos on there. Something simple like, ‘document the food you eat’, or ‘document the rides you ride’. Something that allows for interpretation, but still lets you get the basic images you want. Don’t be afraid to include snapshots and images where everyone is looking at the camera, because that’s just all part of the fun! This is a vacation, you want to remember those smiling faces, after all. 🙂 Also, one VERY important detail here, make sure this list includes images of YOU. Give the camera to someone else and get in the picture. You’ll thank me for it later.


2.Pick your gear

This one is easy for me, I only have two lenses and I’m renting my favorite lens, the Sigma 24 1.4 for the trip. You don’t need to take all of your lenses. I would say, pick one or two and then leave the rest at home! Wide angled lenses are perfect for vacation pictures and telling stories, but it’s all dependent on how you shoot. You could even take just one lens, one that you don’t usually use, to push your creativity. Something like a Lensbaby, for example.


3. Make sure you have somewhere to dump your photos, or extra SD cards!

Last year when I went on vacation, I only brought one SD card and ended up having to buy another one half way through because I took sooo many images. This year I plan on bringing my laptop and extra SD cards so that I don’t have to worry at all about how many images I’ve taken that day. Because it’s vacation, it’s new, and it’s dying to be photographed. 😉



4. Read tutorials/blog posts to help get you in the mood

I’ve been doing this since September. 🙂 I’ve read some amazing blog posts with wonderful tips on them. Two of my favorites came from, one was 6 Disneyland Photography Tips  and the other was 10 Disney World Photography Tips (which is for Disney World, but could totally be applied to Disneyland).


5. Relax, breathe, and have fun on your trip!

When preparing, we sometimes can get overwhelmed. But remember to relax, breathe, and have fun on your trip! Put that camera down. Leave it in the hotel room one day. Enjoy the time with your family, and be present. You’ll thank yourself for it later.


Thanks for reading! ❤

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