Before and After: Plant, Bokeh, and Light


To achieve that neat little light trick, I held up a plastic sandwich bag to my lens. I moved it around until I got a cool effect. The end result was awesome! I also love the bokeh (those sweet little circles of light) in the background – gorgeous! The biggest thing for this edit was increasing the dehaze slider in LR to about +60. I usually embrace the sunhaze, but the effect it had when I brought the haze down was just stunning. Other than that, I did my normal edit. Bump contrast + clarity up, lower the highlights just a bit, and bump up mid tones in a curves layer. That’s it!

Happy Friday! <3

I am a photographer, a wife, a sister, and now a momma to be. I strive to capture the beauty in ordinary things. I love to photograph people, places, and things that I love and cherish. I am a lover of natural light, macro, lifestyle, and dark and moody images. I am a die hard Nikon fan, I love yellow starbursts, I am a pianist, and I am obsessed with photography, maybe a little too much!


  1. Chrissy Mazer
    September 2, 2016

    Super cool!! I like how it looks like the rays are coming through the holes in the leaves!

    1. Alyssa Ahern
      September 15, 2016

      Thank you, Chrissy! ❤

  2. Michelle K
    September 18, 2016

    Oooh, beautiful bokeh! What lens and settings did you use?

    1. Alyssa Ahern
      September 22, 2016

      Hi Michelle!! I used my trusty 50mm 1.8 and my settings were as follows: ISO 125 1/1250 f/2.5. <3


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