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Before and After: Tail

How is it already Friday? It totally took me by surprise, hence the late post! About two weeks ago I rented the Sigma 24mm from Lens Rental and fell in love with it. I mean, the bokeh, the sharpness, the wide angle…..putting my 50mm back on was a shock. Had it always been that zoomed in??!? UGH! I need to get the Sigma 24mm fast! I loved all the images I got from it and it was really fun experimenting. I also got amazing lens flares!

Anyways, I played around with it the first day I got it and photographed one of my favorite pups, Kirk. Or Kirky, as I like to call him. Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE his tail. When he was younger he had a ton of black on it. It’s pretty much all gone now, but I still love the fluffiness of it! Here’s a before and after of his tail. I find I have to cool the white balance for him because otherwise he looks orange. Yikes!

ISO 250 f/1.4 ss 1/3200

Once again, I bumped exposure slightly, decreased highlights, bumped contrast up, and bumped clarity up. I also bumped mid tones with the curves module. That’s pretty much it for this one.

For those of you who photograph dogs, here’s a tip: make sure your shutter speed is HIGH. Those pups LOVE to move and play. I also usually have a higher f-stop for when I’m photographing their faces; otherwise they’re cute little noses won’t be in focus.

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